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Welcome to Putting Prayers To Action our focus is Helping Children


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2018 Back to School

This is a video of the second trip to the Appalachian Mountains after we restocked our trailers.  God moved in a mighty way!  The 2018 Back To School totals reached over 2,600.  Thank you for Making a Difference in a Child’s Life❤️

2018 Back To School

Through the generosity of each of you, our donors 2,671 outfits were received, and hand delivered to the children.   The following is a breakdown of the distribution details.  1,081 boy’s complete outfits  1,359 girl’s complete outfits  202 infant and toddler outfits  2,892 care kits  2,642 pair of shoes to children 5 pair of shoes provide to parents walking to work everyday 2,892 Back to School Packs 832 Back Packs 27 tons of food 18 tons of paper products & diapers 2,892 Dolls, stuffed Animal

2018 Back to School

We had two new locations during this trip trying to make the accessibility easier for our families.  Many of our families not only are without running water, electricity, but some without means of transportation.

2018 Back to School Visits

During this trip 2,642 pair of shoes were delivered to children thanks to each of you.   Our special visits are always my favorite part of the trip.  This time was really special, because one of the little boy’s that had grown into a man was escorting us through the mountains in the back of his truck. How special to my Missionary Heart ❤️

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I am actually making my 2018 schedule, if you or you family would like to visit us, please call, so I can mark you on my calendar.  I want to be able to take time and enjoy our visit together.

Putting Prayers To Action

1336 Solway Meeting Meeting Rd, Big Clifty, KY 42712, US

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Help Our Cause

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card


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Prayer Squares, Fidget Mats & other patterns

❤️Ways to Help❤️

We provide to the entire family, along with the children.  So family size personal hygiene items area always needed along with extra toothbrushes.  Many dentist will donate to help you support a mission.  

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ABC’S of Salvation

This is what we add to every pack, if you don’t have a Gospel Tract.  Please print and add one in every pack you fix.  This will save us time reopening the packs.

ABC salvation (PDF)


Donation Form

Please DO NOT SEND anything that is soiled, has holes or that is damaged in anyway.  We DO NOT HAVE TIME to clean items.  

Please print this form out and send with your donation. Leave the amount blank, we do not need that information.   

We get very busy here and want you to proper credit for what you sent us.  Plus, this would help speed up the process tremendously.  

I hope each of you know how much you are appreciated for all you do and send  to us and for our children. 

 It takes all of us working together in Unity for Him

Thank you So much!

We Love You All!

 Vonnie & Tina

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